Importing Products with Non-quantifiable Units

When importing a product from RFMS, Measure needs it to be quantifiable by square or linear units so that you know exactly how much you are using on a job. With most products in RFMS this is not an issue. However, there are some that are sold by the Box (BX), Each (EA), Piece (PC), etc. which can present a unique challenge. This article will explain how to handle such a situation.


Square Units


If a product with a non-quantifiable sell-by unit is imported, a check box to specify different units for estimating will be available. In the above example the user has indicated that the product should be calculated by the square foot, and that there are 24 square feet per carton. When products imported in this manner go back to RFMS, their original unit type is maintained.


Linear Units

When importing a product that must be sold by linear units, such as thresholds, the steps are a little different.

Note: At this time the option to convert non-quantifiable units to a linear unit of measure is only available when applying product to transitions as the steps below outline.

1. Select a transition on the project, then select Choose Product.


2. Select the Search option to locate the product you want.


3. Within the search the option to select different linear units will be there. Finally, specify the length of a single unit, then select Choose Product to import.


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