How to Record Payments Made on a Project

You can keep track of payments made by the customer per project in Measure Mobile. These payments are not linked to the RFMS core management software. For information on accepting payments from customers if you use RFMS please see the collection of topics in or RFMS Mobile help page under Accept Payment.



  1. First, from the Proposal screen, tap the Payment icon payment_button.png.
  2. Second, in the Payments screen, tap the blue plus icon PlusIcon.png to add a payment.
  3. The payment amount defaults to the current balance. Edit the number to the desired amount.
  4. Next, select the payment method: Check, Credit, or Cash. 
    The Credit and Check methods allow you to add a reference or authorization code
    accept_card_payment.png accept_check_payment.png
  5. Tap the back button to return to the proposal screen. From here you can email or print the document. Make sure the option for "Show Payment" is checked so it will be included. 
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