Troubleshooting Network Related Issues

An internet connection is required to use Measure

When logging in, a user's credentials are checked on RFMS' license server and if they are valid Measure is permitted to start for a time. Periodically while running, Measure will reach out to the license server to verify that the user's access to Measure is still authorized. This is essential to the operation of our network licensing model which permits companies to share a pool of licenses.

For more information on this licensing model, please see our RFMS Apps and Measure Licensing article.

Use while disconnected

It is possible for users to be configured to run Measure while disconnected from the internet. To learn more about this please see the Desktop License Check-outs article.

Firewalls and proxy servers

Measure needs to communicate with the Measure Cloud Login service. This communication is simple HTTPS traffic, just like using a web browser. For most companies (even those with firewalls and proxy servers) no special configuration is required.

  • Allow outbound access to
  • It would be best if you allowed the domain rather than an IP address since that can change without warning. If you must use the IP address, you can look it up using TraceRT or a similar tool.
  • Only port 80 (HTTP) is required outbound, the same port used for regular web traffic.
  • If you receive an "SSL/TLS" error when attempting to log in, you will need to whitelist the Measure executable (msr6.exe) within your anti-malware and firewall software. This may need to be done at both the local and network level. Additionally, you may need to update Measure Desktop if you are running an outdated version.

See also the article Configuring a proxy server.

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