Measure Desktop Release Notes

Measure 15.0.3559 is now available for download. Please see below for a list of new features, improvements and bug fixes. See also the release notes for:

Note: This patch update fixes two known issues in addition to the features listed below:

  • Markup is unexpectedly being applied to worksheet line items instead of Margin
  • Fixed a bug where roll information was not being included in the export data

For a complete list of pending Known Issues, please click here. All fixed issues are included in the Release Notes below.

New Features

  • Auto Take-Off (Premier) gives the ability to intelligently "paint" areas of imported blueprints rather than tracing them manually.

  • Added a searchable 3D Clipart library with models that can be added to the floor plan and viewed in 3D.

  • The "Stacks" interface now allows individual stack panels to have edge products assigned along any side.

  • "Inner edge" and "Outer edge" trim options are now available when cutting a hole in any 3D element.

  • A new report called "Cut Instructions" produces a detailed set of instructions without a seam diagram.

  • When a project is exported to RFMS, any reports that are enabled in Measure's Print panel will be placed into a single PDF and included as an attachment to the Order/Bid/Estimate. 

Improvements / Changes

  • It is now possible to add tile products to edges. They are calculated based on the length of the edge.

  • Edge products are now rendered in the 3D Viewer.

  • Improved readability of measurements in the 3D Viewer.

  • 3D models have had smoothing applied to make them appear more realistic.

  • The Quick Tile wizard now allows lengths to be specified for individual sides of a tile.

  • Added an option to use "metafiles" for greatly improved performance when tracing vectorized PDFs.

  • While tracing over imported PDF or CAD drawings, the software now snaps to lines and line intersections.

  • It is now possible to assign Room Add-Ons to individual panels while editing a Stack.

  • The size, color, and font of selection boxes and text can now be adjusted in the Measure Options window.

  • Price levels other than "Cut cost" and "Roll cost" may be selected when importing products to a Commercial project.

  • When a non-cost price level is selected for a product that is being imported to a Commercial project, that price level will be set as default for future product imports.

  • Price levels may now be viewed and changed in the Worksheet.

  • Improved performance when refreshing data for products imported from RFMS.

  • Various sides of a single room can now have different coving heights assigned to them.

  • Individual sides of a room can have coving assigned or edited simultaneously by Ctrl-clicking their handles, right-clicking one of the selected sides while holding down the Ctrl button, and choosing "Coving" from the context menu.

  • When exporting a "match room" or "match material" Add-Ons to RFMS, the associated room names are now sent as the area.

  • When the price of a product imported from RFMS is manually changed in a Retail Measure project, and its price is greater than 0, the Price Level column will display "Write-In".

  • When the price of a product imported from RFMS is manually changed in a Commercial Measure project, and its price is greater than 0, the Price Level column will display "Special PO Cost".

  • When the price of a product imported from RFMS is manually changed to 0, the price level field will be blank.

  • Multiple transitions can now be selected and edited simultaneously by Ctrl-clicking them on the drawing or in the Explorer panel, right-clicking one of the selected transitions, and choosing "Edit transition(s)" from the context menu.

  • The "style number," "supplier," "manufacturer," "color #," and "sku" fields are visible when importing products from an RFMS store or RFMS Online Services.

  • Added "Refresh Prices" button to the Worksheet.

  • Added "qty/box" column to the Worksheet.

  • The Custom Pattern tool provides more solutions for patterns.

  • The Custom Pattern feature now allows users to create and manage custom tile shapes.

  • The Custom Pattern feature now allows shapes to be rotated and flipped.

  • The "Cut Plan" and "Cut Plan (single page)" reports have had their functionality merged into a single report.

  • The new "Cut Plan" report has an option to enable or disable cut instructions.

  • The "Show Rooms In Each Group" option has been restored to the "Cut Plan" report.

  • The Product Image window now accepts tiles or planks with a much larger length-to-width ratio.

  • User-created keyboard shortcuts now persist across sessions.

  • Users of the Standard edition of Measure can now edit the "Mfg Standard Length" field in the Product List.

  • Default settings for new Measure installations have been optimized for a better new-user experience.

  • Improved allocation of very long rolls in certain circumstances.

  • Renamed "Replace existing" button to "Update existing" in the "Save to Cloud" dialog.

  • "Update existing" is the default button in the "Save to Cloud" dialog. As such, it has been moved to a more prominent location.

  • Removed the "Storage Account" button from various dialogs as it is no longer used.

  • When creating a new local project, it is now possible to enter a path in the filename box.

  • When moving a newly-created wall segment in an angled room, the walls now follow the angle of the adjacent wall.

  • The bottom edge of a stack panel is now attached to that panel and not its parent.

  • Eliminated instances of unnecessary product reallocation.

  • Stair tread and riser dimensions now persist across sessions. 

Bug Fixes

  • The checkup steps that test for material shortfall have been enhanced to prevent false positives. 

  • Under certain circumstances, wall panels or edges were not moving as expected. 

  • Under certain circumstances, stack edges were not being rendered with a dashed line. 

  • When adjusting the bottom edge of a box, the top surface could be adjusted in an unexpected way. 

  • Attempting to expand the side of a room in which a new point was created by the user could result in unexpected behavior. 

  • Certain 3D objects no longer cause issues when being imported. 

  • Using certain tile patterns could cause the software to crash. 

  • Under certain circumstances, measurements were not being transmitted from Distos. 

  • Colors on the Scene Plan could be rendered incorrectly if products were assigned a very small thickness measurement. 

  • Single Page Cut Plan could contain minor display issues under certain circumstances. 

  • In rare circumstances, certain tile configurations could result in a crash. 

  • The Product List can no longer be saved if it contains products that have not been assigned a unit of measure. 

  • Refreshing product data no longer results crashes when projects contain a large number of imported products. 

  • Products imported from RFMS with a "unit" waste factor will not have their waste factor converted to "percentage" after the import has taken place.  

  • Room perimeter outline no longer disappears after adding a point and moving an adjacent segment. 

  • The "Markup%" column now appears on the Worksheet in commercial projects. 

  • Selling Price and Totals now correctly reflect markup in Forms. 

  • When extra waste for roll products is modified in the Worksheet, that amount will now export accurately to RFMS. 

  • The keypad can now consistently be accessed again after being closed. 

  • Snapping no longer remains off after using the image straightening or shearing tool. 

  • Enlarging keypad size then reducing size no longer results in formatting problems. 

  • Moving walls in 3D no longer causes transitions to shift location. 

  • Headers and footers are no longer overly large when viewed on high DPI workstations. 

  • Product Add-Ons associated with room borders now consistently appear on the Worksheet. 

  • Stack thumbnails now display the stack correctly rather than off-center. 

  • Newly-created products now remain in the category under which they were added. 

  • Entering a Product Code on the worksheet is now possible when a line item is produced from the Allocate Individually function. 

  • Tiles are no longer incorrectly removed when attempting to apply a additional tile to an existing tile design. 

  • In certain circumstances, tiles were not centered in a stack when one of the "Center Tile" options was used. 

  • Text from RFMS' "Telephone #1" field now appears correctly when customer data is imported. 

  • Attempting to print a Photo report when no photos are present in the project no longer causes the software to crash. 

  • Fix issues with vertical cut compression that could occur under certain circumstances. 

  • Guillotine cuts are now consistently respected when compression is performed. 

  • Vertical compression now always respects the length-only cut gap method. 

  • The integrity of non-straight stairs created in Measure Mobile in round trip back to Mobile after being opened in Desktop is maintained. In cases where it cannot be, the user is notified. 

  • Exporting Worksheet data to Excel now correctly includes the project's Customer Name and Job Name. 

  • If imported image data for a project is missing in the Cloud, the project will now open but without graphics.


See Measure 14.0 Release Notes for a list of previously released features, improvements and bug fixes.

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