Measure Beta Release Notes

Measure 17.1.4563 was made available for select testers on April 18, 2023


Known Issues

  • The "Lock Lines" feature on the Worksheet may cause allocation problems and should not be used for the time being.

New Features

  • Implemented tile offsets on a per-room basis (MSR-4151)
    • Select a room containing tile and choose a drop/offset from the following dropdown box:
  • Implemented an option for orthogonal locking when moving objects on the canvas (MSR-5998)
    • Hold down the L key on the keyboard while moving objects with the mouse and they will be locked onto the horizontal and vertical axes


  • Product Refresh Settings: Option to ignore unaffected rooms was added (MSR-6767)
  • Added notification of ignored attributes after Product Refresh operation (MSR-6769)
  • The attributes mentioned throughout the Product Differences process now correspond to the column headings on the Job Materials dialog (MSR-6840)
  • Added a password reveal button to login screen (MSR-6759)
  • Show/Hide Add-ons option is now visible on Purchase Order form template (MSR-6655)
  • Page Size settings for Forms is now independent from Reports settings (MSR-6766)
  • Link Worksheet Cells feature now works with color chips (MSR-6352)
  • Add-ons are automatically selected on the Purchase Order Form (MSR-6655)
  • "User Waste Length" is editable again on the Worksheet and on the Range Edit function (MSR-6788)
  • Sheet addons are now displayed in the product legend on the Room Plan, Seam Plan, Elevation and Scene reports (MSR-6181)
  • Text Box font, font size and other textbox properties are now sticky across projects (MSR-6824)
  • When tile dimensions are missing, a check-up step now reports this (MSR-6839)
  • A confirmation message has been added to the "Forgot password" option so that users do not inadvertently invalidate their passwords (MSR-6185)
  • It is now possible to compress multi-page Forms in order to consolidate data on fewer pages (MSR-6872)
  • Added functionality to convert CAD files to PDFs (MSR-5948)

Bug Fixes

  • Copying and pasting rooms no longer generates duplicate products (MSR-6836)
  • Generate Forms was not consolidating same materials together (MSR-6775)
  • The "Style: Color" field on the Worksheet can now be selected and copied to the clipboard (MSR-6770)
  • Printed 3D rendering was missing textures in some cases (MSR-6777)
  • Generate Forms yielded a different result in some cases when exporting to PDF (MSR-6815)
  • Fixed issue with incorrect lighting in 3D print preview (MSR-5811)
  • Fixed potential issue with tile quantification (MSR-6756)
  • Fixed issue that could cause products updated via Product Refresh to show as inactive when job is exported to RFMS (MSR-6722)
  • Fixed issue in which copying and pasting rooms could cause incorrect products to appear in RFMS export (MSR-6772)
  • Fixed wall grid overlaps (MSR-6758)
  • Fixed positioning of Sheet Add-ons when they are displayed in Forms (MSR-6800)
  • Fixed issue in Forms where Transition quantities were not correct in rooms containing Material Areas (MSR-6815)
  • Fixed potential crash related to import of multi-page TIF images (MSR-6823)
  • Fixed potential crash when opening the Add-on window in some cases (MSR-6826, MSR-6903)
  • Fixed potential crash when plank dimensions are missing (MSR-6839)
  • Fixed instance where Purchase Order was not including necessary data on all pages (MSR-6778)
  • Fixed bug in connection with importing GIF images (MSR-6816)
  • Fixed potential crash when inserting a 3D model in the Scene Editor (MSR-6176)
  • Fixed issue with invalid scale on import of blueprint (MSR-6176)
  • Fixed bug where an Undo operation removed perimeter add-ons in some cases (MSR-6812)
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