Measure Beta Release Notes

Measure 17.1.4224 was made available for all testers on August 15, 2022

Bug Fixes

  • Placing a t-seam on a Measuring Line no longer produces an error(MSR-5882)
  • Measurements from a Disto now round up when the associated setting is enabled (MSR-5920)
  • Phantom room names no longer appear on the canvas after performing certain operations (MSR-5872)
  • Corrected cosmetic issues with the Stairway Editor > Notes and Photos tab (MSR-5966)
  • Saving a project containing cropped blueprints can no longer cause the blueprints to shift position (MSR-5873)
  • The Add-On calculation method "Copy Floor Gross Quantity" no longer erroneously triggers Project Checkup under certain circumstances (MSR-5900)
  • Material quantities on stairs can no longer change depending on whether the stairway is viewed in Expanded or Standard mode (MSR-5881)


Measure 17.1.4222 was made available for all testers on April 22, 2022


  • When "Taxable" is enabled for a product on the Product List, the system offers to enable it for other items (MSR-5801)
  • Stairway setting "Expanded view" is now sticky (MSR-5815)
  • An option has been added to the 3D section of the Ribbon Bar to show seams in the 3D rendering (MSR-5698)
  • More accurate display and calculation of grout in complex tile patterns (MSR-5700)
  • The "New Project" option has been restored to the Welcome dialog (MSR-5752)
  • The creation of square/rectangle rooms using two lines only occurs if the lines are at a right angle relative to each other and the screen (MSR-5837)

Bug Fixes

  • Addressed numerous crashing and freezing issues (MSR-5847, MSR-5833, MSR-5854, MSR-5784, MSR-5846, MSR-5819, MSR-5864, MSR-5779, MSR-5788)
  • Rooms can no longer be offset from imported image when exporting to PDF (MSR-5671)
  • Resolved issues related to backing up to the Cloud (MSR-5769)
  • Total Tax now shows correctly under Grand Total in Forms screen (MSR-5693)
  • Fixed many cosmetic issues that could occur when Dark Mode is enabled (MSR-5771, MSR-5764, MSR-5759, MSR-5763)
  • Fixed quantification issue when Service or Miscellaneous items are assigned to floors with coving (MSR-5814)
  • Hole tools can no longer erroneously create rooms in some circumstances (MSR-5818)
  • The width of Sidebars now persists when they are resized in the unpinned state (MSR-5778)
  • Sidebar widths are properly restored when DPI setting is changed (MSR-5778)
  • PDF export no longer crops photos in some circumstances (MSR-5756)
  • Expanding or contracting of stairs can no longer affect locked cuts (MSR-5841)
  • Perimeter Add-on quantity on stairs no longer changes between expanded/contracted view (MSR-5836)
  • Rooms can no longer be flagged as self-intersecting when they are not (MSR-5742)
  • In some cases involving multiple borders, the correct material areas were not generated (MSR-5742)
  • Corrected icon size in Welcome dialog (MSR-5752)
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