Measure Desktop Known Issues

Use this list to find known issues in Measure Desktop and their status. Fixed issues are removed after 30 days. All fixed issues can be found in the Release Notes.

The next maintenance update of Measure Desktop is anticipated in April 2020. At times, we make available "on-demand" versions that resolve some of the issues listed below. Contact us at if you would like to receive our latest on-demand version.

See also Measure Mobile Known Issues and RFMS Mobile Known Issues

Status Legend:

  • Pending Fix - Planned for an urgent patch update or a server side fix to resolve critical issues
  • Pending Release - Planned to be included in the next update of Measure Desktop
  • Scheduled - Planned to be included in a future update of Measure Desktop
  • Blocked - Unable to be resolved at this time

Known Issues

Issue ID


Affected Version

Fixed Version


MSR-4072 Checklists belonging to a template do not appear in new projects. 15.0.3559 N/A Pending Release
MSR-4015 Line thickness feature in the Auto Take Off tool doesn’t respect lines that are thicker than the boundary line setting 15.0.3559 N/A Pending Release
MSR-3952 PDF Report sent automatically should be named the same as the standard Measure Desktop Report 15.0.3559 N/A Pending Release
MSR-3961 Measure Ad Source does not export to RFMS Online 15.0.3559 N/A Pending Release
MSR-2818 Correct cosmetic issues related to high DPI settings 15.0.3559 N/A Pending Release
MSR-3658 When using two monitors, dialogs associated with Measure stay on the same screen 15.0.3559 N/A Pending Release
MSR-3928 Panning and zooming are now smoother when vectorized images (PDFs or CAD drawings) are present 15.0.3559 N/A Pending Release
MSR-3917 Punch out operations do not completely remove transitions 15.0.3559 N/A Pending Release
MSR-3932 Doorway extensions are no longer improperly applied to a line object when a shared transition is present 15.0.3559 N/A Pending Release
MSR-3889 Product color grid is now displaying correctly on the Products dialog for all DPI settings 15.0.3559 N/A Pending Release
MSR-3834 Worksheet Excel Export was not exporting Customer Name or Job Name 15.0.3559 N/A Pending Release
MSR-2950 Reallocation no longer allocates unnecessarily 15.0.3559 N/A Pending Release
MSR-3902 Vertical compression was not always respecting the length-only cut gap method 15.0.3559 N/A Pending Release
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