FAQ: What if I'm unable to export to RFMS because I have no internet at the time of a sale?

When you have an unstable or no connection the the internet:

  1. First, finalize the project by selecting the Lock icon at the top right of the Proposal screen.finalize_button.png
  2. Then, select the PDF icon, located in the top right of the Proposal screen. At the bottom there will be a spot where you can collect the client's signature.pdf_button.pngsigniature_screen.png

When you have a stable connection again:

  1. Later, when you're back at the office or where there is a better internet connection, go to the worksheet screen in Measure Mobile and choose to export to RFMS.export_to_rfms.png
  2. Finally, go back to the Proposal screen, select the Send icon, and then choose to attach the document to the quote or order.attach_document_to_order.png
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