How to Edit Worksheet Line Items

This article covers the basic and advanced options within the Measure Mobile Worksheet screen.

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The Line Tab


  1. Select the product.
  2. Select product color.
  3. Open product listing in RFMS Mobile to view detailed information on the product.
  4. Check RFMS inventory and see which store/stores have the product in stock and in what quantity.
  5. If a product is a part of a bundle within RFMS use this button to view and add more products from the bundle set.
  6. Adjust the price level.
  7. Apply selected price level to all lines on the worksheet.
  8. If the selected line item is being sold by a set box quantity there is the option in the side bar to override it.


The line tab also includes other attributes that can be applied to the line.

  1. Set a fixed total for a line regardless of quantity.
  2. Apply margin to one or more lines. Lines with margin added will have a green up-arrow next to it.
  3. Add extra waste to a line by percentage, unit squared, or length.
  4. Choose to hide a line on the proposal document.
  5. Keep track of samples taken on a project by checking this box.

The Rooms Tab

rooms_tab.png If the line item includes a product that was applied to a room on the drawing screen, press the room tab to display which rooms it is associated with. This is editable and will recalculate the quantity if more or less rooms are chosen.


The Quantity Tab

quantity_tab.png If the line item was added to the worksheet directly or via the checklist, the quantity tab reveals different options for quantifying the product.


Selecting, Copying, and Deleting Lines

selected.png This icon indicates that a line is currently selected.
copy.png When a single line item is selected, use the copy button to duplicate it on the worksheet.
delete.png When one or more line items are selected, use the delete button to remove the items from the worksheet.
select_all.png  Use the select all button to select all of the lines on the worksheet.


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