Fixed Grand Total

Setting a fixed grand total on your worksheet in Measure Mobile. This will adjust line item price proportionately to add up to the specified total.

Note: If exporting to RFMS Mobile after applying a fixed grand total, the only data that is sent over is Quantity and Unit price, which creates the line total. This will result in a minor difference between the Grand Total in Measure Mobile and the Subtotal in RFMS. This difference is supplied in the "Misc. Charges" field in RFMS so that the totals will remain equal to one another.  

How To:

1. From the worksheet screen tap the pencil icon next to the listed total. Fixed_Total_icon.png

2. In the pop up screen select the option for Fixed and enter the desired amount. fixed_total_set.png

3. Once you have selected save there will be locks next to your line items and totals.  fixed_total_locked.png

4. After exporting to RFMS Mobile  you will see that your line totals look a little different from Measure Mobile, but the Grand Total is the same.


The difference between the line totals in Measure Mobile and RFMS Mobile are reflected in the Miscellaneous Charges section.

For more information on why this is please refer to our FAQ article.


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