How to Create a Related Quote From Measure Mobile



How To:

1. From the projects screen find the project that was used to create the primary quote.

2.Select a project by tapping the square in the upper right corner. Select_a_project.png

3. Then, tap the Copy button at the bottom right of the Measure Mobile screen.

When prompted, choose the option to Copy Entire Project.


4. Open the copied project and make any necessary changes either on the drawing screen or in the worksheet.

5. Once the worksheet is ready, press the Launch icon in the upper right of the Measure Mobile screen.




Then, choose the option for New Export to RFMS.




6. Next, RFMS Mobile will automatically open after you choose to export. Select Related Quote in the Document section of the export from Measure window. Then, select Save. related_quote_option.png

7. If you need to make changes to the quote, press the Edit button.

Or select the Create PDF button if no changes are necessary.


8. The presentation screen will then open, allowing you to view the quote as a PDF document. To send the document, tap the Send icon in the upper right of the presentation screen.




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