How to Complete a Sale without an Internet Connection

If you find yourself without a connection to the internet and need to complete a sale out in the field, follow the steps outlined here.

Video Tutorial


How To:

  1. From the Proposal screen tap the lock icon in the upper right corner. This will finalize the project and create a proposal document you customer can sign.
  2. Next, open the Presentation screen to show the customer the proposal. Take their signature and then press Accept to save it. For now, the project and the signed proposal will remain saved on your device only.
  3. Once you have an active internet connection you can send everything over to RFMS. To do this, open the finalized project and go to the Worksheet screen. 
  4. Tap the launch icon in the upper right corner and then choose New Export to RFMS.
  5. This will open RFMS Mobile. Choose whether you’d like to create a new quote or order and then press Save.
  6. To attach the signed proposal document, go back to Measure Mobile and open the Proposal screen. Tap the Send icon and choose the option to attach proposal document to the quote or order.
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