User Settings: Drawing


  • Visible
    Toggle grid visibility.
  • Minor Unit/Major Unit
    The minor and major unit lengths of the grid can adjusted as well as their color.
  • Drawing Cursor
    The drop-down box allows you to change the size and shape of the drawing cursor based on preset options. If the "Full Screen" cursor option is selected, then the option for a color preference will become editable.
  • Initial Canvas Size
    The size of the initial drawing area when starting a new project. As the project grows the canvas will expand as needed.



  • Snap to Grid
    When drawing, points will snap based on the interval set in the Snap Unit field.
  • Snap to Rooms and Cuts
    Toggles the appearance of green guidelines that appear when aligning rooms or cuts.
  • Selecting Room Changes Default Material
    If a default material has been specified under General Project Settings, then the product selector will revert back to that product when no rooms are selected. If the box is unchecked the selector will not revert to the default product but will instead retain the product used in the most recently selected room.
  • Snap Unit
    When drawing a room with the mouse, this is the snapping increment that will be used if the Snap to Grid box is checked.
  • Auto-pan When Drawing
    The screen will automatically pan to allow you to keep what you are drawing within view.
  • Display Touch Window
    Option when using certain touch-screen devices to have the touch draw window appear automatically while drawing.
  • Display Angle Indicator
    Toggle the display of an angle indicator when drawing freehand with the mouse.



  • Position New Rooms
    New rooms drawn with the keypad will be positioned either horizontally or vertically in relation to existing rooms.
  • Zoom to Fit to Show Created Rooms
    When using the keypad to draw rooms the screen will automatically zoom to fit all rooms within view.



  • Sensitivity when "Closing" a Room
    Adjust the precision needed when placing the last point to close a room.
  • Automatically Straighten Lines
    Adjust the sensitivity of snapping to 45 degree increments when using the Polygon drawing tool.
  • Straighten Line When "Closing" a Room
    When using the Close Room feature Measure detects if the final side will not be square. If the slider is set to "never", then the room will not be adjusted. At higher settings this feature will adjust side lengths to ensure that the room is square.
  • Retain Selections
    When a new room is drawn or when a room's material is changed it will remain selected by default. Uncheck this box to toggle this setting.



Select whether confirmation sounds will be played when drawing in Measure.



When drawing in Measure you can choose to use the Lay by Coordinates feature. This allows the exact latitude and longitude of the project to be established. When mapping the coordinates Measure will use the default mapping URL that is set in Measure options.



This option, when checked, will cause non-rasterized images to become focused more quickly while panning and zooming.

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