Project Settings: General

User specific General Project Settings.

Business Type


Selecting a business type will alter certain labels and columns within the Worksheet and Product List. Commercial is the default setting.

Changes Based on Business Type
Area Feature Commercial (Default) Retail
Worksheet Margin column "Margin%" "Discount%"
  Margin column Increases selling price Decreases selling price
  Adjusted price column "Selling Price" "Selling Price"
  User price column "Unit Cost" "Unit Price"
  Effective cost column Shows freight or overhead in use Hidden
  Compare margin Available Hidden
  Fixed subtotal Available Hidden
  Fixed grand total Available Hidden
Product List Freight column Available Hidden
  Price column "Cost" "Price"

Drawing Unit Settings


  • Unit of Measure: Use the dropdown to select the unit of measure for all projects.
  • Fractions/Decimal places: Choose whether to use fractions or decimals on displayed dimensions. Use the dropdown to indicate how many decimal places to show to.
  • Use x² notation for area units: Check this box to alter how area units are displayed. (These are displayed at the bottom of the screen when rooms are selected)

Room Name and Numbering Settings


  • Generate room names using the following text: (enter a letter or word to be in front of all room, stair, and line names listed in the explorer window and worksheet.)
    • Rooms
    • Stairs
    • Lines
  • Base Room Number: Beginning number for rooms
  • Leading Zeroes: Zeroes put in front of room numbers as place holders
  • Estimate edges and sides as part of the base room: When viewing items in the worksheet By Room, checking this option will simplify the view, keeping edge material add-ons grouped with the rest of the rooms material.

Tax Settings


 Note: If you are an RFMS user tax rate should be calculated in RFMS once the project is exported.

  • Tax Rate: Set tax rate percentage.
  • Use Tax: Commercial only
  • Overhead: Commercial only
  • Calculate overhead as Markup/Margin: Commercial only

Rhombus and Parallelogram Settings


  • Default Product: Set the product that is selected upon starting a new project. Keep in mind that this is a Project setting, if you want this product to be the default on all projects going forward be sure to select Save as Default.
  • Rhombus Measurement: Choose whether to set rhombus measurements by diagonals or overall width/height
  • Parallelogram Measurement: Choose whether to set parallelogram measurements by base/height or overall width/height
  • Auto color new products: Allow measure to automatically set a color for newly added products to the product list.

Color Picker Interface Setting


  • Choose between the default color picker or the text description color picker. 
Default Text Description
default_color_picker.png text_descripton_color_picker.png
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