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Enabling automatic backups and auto recovery is the best way to ensure that long hours of work do not go missing due to unforeseen circumstances, such as a power outage.

  • Backup Every...: Set the time intervals at which a backup file will be created while a project is open.
  • Ask First: Toggle whether or not a dialog box will open first, prompting you to save the project. When toggled off the project will be saved in the background.
  • Backup Mode
    • Auto Recovery
      In the event of a crash, the next time Measure is opened the program will attempt to recover the work that was previously opened and prompt you to save the project.
    • Create Backup of
      Trailing backups will be created as you work within a project up to the designated number of backups set in the "files" field. Once the limit is reached the next backup will be saved over the oldest of the backups.

       Note: This is the preferred backup mode that we encourage our users to choose

  • Save backups in same folder as project: Main project file and all backup files will be saved to the same folder location.

Graphics and CAD


  • Having this option selected is encouraged as best practice. For optimal performance Measure project files are split into two file types. The rooms, products, and project settings will be saved in a file type that ends with MSR. Any imported blueprint graphics will be saved in a file type that ends with MSRX.
  • When stored in the same folder with the same name, the two files will open together seamlessly.

Save Folder Locations


  • Select the default project folder and backup folder for Measure projects to be saved to.

XML Export


  • Select the default project folder for XML exports to be saved to.
  • Toggle the check box to show the export dialog options each time you export. For more information on XML exporting click HERE.

Quick Rooms, Quick Tiles, Stacks, and Clip Art


  • Toggle the option to to share certain Measure settings with others users that may access Measure on a single workstation.
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