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This section allows you to change the Color, Font, Text Size, and Directional Arrow Size for various display items in Measure such as Room Names, Dimensions, Lines, Measuring Lines, Counter Marks, etc.

Note: Size of text is entered as a measurement in relation to scale.



Here are the options for product display. The most commonly used one will be the check box for Show Product Images. Having this box checked ensures that if a product image has been added for a product in the product list, then it will be displayed when the product is used within the project. If you current project does not need to use this feature, uncheck this box to avoid potential display issues.

The radio buttons next to  it are for cross hatching options.

  • None
    The products in rooms will be displayed as solid color as depicted in the product list.
  • Color
    The products in rooms will be displayed as color cross hatching based on the pattern assigned to the product in the product list.
  • B&W
    Black and white cross hatching will be displayed for products used in rooms based the the cross hatch pattern assigned in the product list.



  • Room Dimensions
    Checking this box will display the length of each side of a room at all times.
  • Room Name
    Rooms names will only be displayed when a room is selected, unless this box is checked.
  • Lay Direction
    An arrow will be displayed showing the lay direction of the product in a room, including individual tiles.
  • Edges
    This options toggles the dotted orange line to indicate where edges are. For more information on edges please click HERE.



  • Always Show Keypad
    Once the keypad is opened it remains on the screen until manually closed.
  • Show Keypad When Edge Selected
    Whenever the edge of a room is selected the keypad will pop up.
  • Move Keypad to Selected Edge
    When the edge of a room is selected the keypad will be re-positioned by the selected edge. 



  • Change Cut Window Orientation to Match Material Lay
    Based on the material lay direction being vertical or horizontal the cut plan in the explorer window will be display vertically along the side of the screen, or horizontally along the bottom. Note: This is only while viewing cuts in Layout Mode.
  • Show Cut Groups
    While line outlining the various cut groups as shown in the explorer window.
  • Lay Direction
    Lay direction arrow will be displayed on individual cuts.



When viewing rooms or models in the 3D viewer you can select either a Solid View or Wireframe View. The background color or these can be adjusted to your preference.



  • Show Welcome Screen on Start-up
    There will be a box that pops us with the latest news and information relating to Measure each time you log in to the software.
  • Color Scheme
    Select from three set color schemes to customize the look of the software to your preference.



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