Sheet Add-ons

Use Sheet Add-ons to include sheet-specific products and services that are not linked to a specific room or to another product.


The Sheet Add-on function is located in the lower-left corner of the Worksheet and is primarily used to add a specific amount of a product as its own line item on the worksheet. An example of where a Sheet Add-on would useful is on a retail tile job where the customer wants to purchase an additional carton of tile for their own use. The tiles within the carton need not be allocated to any rooms on the project; they just need to be included on the worksheet and added to the grand total.

How To:

1. Go to the worksheet and click the button in the bottom left corner labeled "Sheet Add-ons. Sheet_AO_Button.png
2. In the window that appears, click the button labeled "Choose a product".


3. Left-click a product to select it and click OK. Sheet_Add-on_Select_Product.png
4. Select a calculation method and set its parameters. Sheet_Add-on_Calc_Method.png
The Sheet Add-on Dialog


1.  Select
Click the grey button at the far left of a line to select it. Click and drag up or down to select multiple lines.

2.  Type
Non-interactive icon indicating the type of Add-On for each line.

3.  Product
Select a product. If a product is already in use on a line, its name will be displayed here.

4.  Calculation Method
Drop-down box in which a calculation method may be selected. Sheet Add-On calculation methods are covered below.

5.  Rooms
If the "Match Rooms" calculation method is selected, this field will display the room names in which an Add-On is in use.

6.  Match Material
If the "Match Material" calculation method is selected, this field will display the name of the material the Add-On is matched to.

7.  Quantity
The quantity associated with the add-on. This value may be entered only when using the Manual calculation method. For other methods, the quantity is calculated automatically.

8.  Unit
The unit of measure associated with the product. This is field is not editable.

9.  New
Create a new Sheet Add-On line.

10.  Delete
Delete the selected Add-On line(s).

Sheet Add-on Calculation Methods

Enter a fixed amount in the Quantity field.


Match Material
Select one or more materials from the current project and generate an equal amount of the Add-On item.

 Note: Products must have compatible units of measure. An Add-On item sold by a linear unit cannot be matched to a main product sold by a square unit and vice versa.


Match Rooms
Select one or more rooms in the project and match the Add-On quantity to them.

If the Add-On item is sold in linear units, the perimeter of the selected room(s) will be used. Otherwise the quantity will be based on the total area of all selected rooms.


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