Introduction to Add-Ons

Measure's Add-On features allow auxiliary products and services to be used in takeoffs. This would include things like carpet pad, grout, labor charges, and so on. Items that will be used as Add-Ons should generally be placed under a "Miscellaneous" or "Services" category in the Product List. These categories have special options that are tied to this feature. See the "Add-On Only" and "Default Calculation Method" headings in the following article:

Rooms in which Add-Ons are present will have a visual cue that varies based on the calculation method in use. For most methods, a small Add-On_Icon.png icon will appear in the upper-left corner of the room. There are, however, two special cases in which Add-On products are displayed differently:

  1. If the "Grout" calculation method is in use, and the product linked to it has been assigned a color, the room's grout lines will be rendered in that color.
  2. An Add-On that is tied to the perimeter of a room will show up as a yellow line if no color has been assigned to its product. If the perimeter product does have a color, it will be used for the room's outline.


Add-Ons can be applied at the product, room, or sheet level. The remaining articles in this section will discuss each Add-On type, as well as how and when to use them.

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