Product Add-Ons

This feature allows auxiliary products and services to be tied to a main flooring product. When the main product is used, the auxiliary items are calculated based on user-defined rules and then added to the takeoff.


This type of Add-On should be used when an auxiliary item is always going to be allocated along with a specific material. Although multiple Add-Ons may be linked to a main product, it is not possible to "nest" them within each other. Example: a certain carpet could have both pad and labor charges linked to it, but neither the pad nor the labor charge could themselves have Add-Ons assigned.

How To:

Create Product Add-Ons

1.  Open the Product List.

2.  Click the Product_Add-Ons_Button.png icon next to the primary flooring product the Add-On should be attached to.

Tip: You can tell if a product already has Add-Ons linked to it because the Add-On icon will be appear as Product_Add-Ons_Button_filled.png instead of Product_Add-Ons_Button.png


3.  In the window that appears, click the "Choose a Product" button. This will open the product selector.


4.  Left-click a product or service to select it and click OK.

Tip: Hold down the Ctrl key and left-click to select multiple items. Doing so allows you to attach more than one Add-On at a time.


5. Most items will default to a specific calculation method. It can be changed by clicking the Calculation Method drop-down box next to the item.

: Basic Calculation Methods and Advanced Calculation Methods


6.  If additional Add-Ons are to be created, click the "Choose a Product" button on the next empty line and repeat steps 4 and 5.


7. Click "OK" to apply the Product Add-On(s).

The "Product Add-Ons" Window

Click the Product_Add-Ons_Button.png or Product_Add-Ons_Button_filled.png button associated with an item on the Product List to open a window in which the the Product Add-Ons linked to that item may be configured.


1.  Select
Click the grey button at the far left of a line to select it. Click and drag up or down to select multiple lines.

2.  Type
Non-interactive icon indicating the type of Add-On for each line.

3.  Product
Select a product. If a product is already in use on a line, its name will be displayed here.

4.  Calculation Method
Define a calculation method for the add-on.

See: Basic Calculation Methods and Advanced Calculation Methods.

5.  Quantity
Current item quantity.

Note: Product Add-Ons are calculated when the Worksheet is accessed. As such, the Quantity column will display 0 unless the calculation method is set to "Manual" and a fixed amount is entered.

6.  Unit
Unit of measure for the Add-On product. This is based on the unit assigned to the product in the Product List.

7.  New
Add a new Product Add-On line.

8.  Delete
Delete the selected Add-On line(s).


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