Advanced Add-on Calculation Methods

Advanced Calculation Methods allow for the creation of custom formulas that can be used immediately and/or saved for use in future projects. Access this feature by clicking the "Advanced" category in the "Choose Calculation Method" window.

To use a custom calculation method that has already been created and saved within Measure, select it from the list and then click the "Choose" button. Any existing method can be modified or deleted by selecting it and clicking the "Edit" or "Delete" button, respectively.


How To:

Create a New Calculation Method

1.  Click the "Add" button in the "Choose Calculation Method" window. This will open a new window in which the formula is created.


2.  Drag and drop room measurements and mathematical symbols into the formula area to create the custom calculation method.


3.  Enter a name for the calculation method.


 4.  Click OK to save it.


The "Advanced Calculation Method" Window

This window appears when creating or editing an advanced calculation method. It utilizes a drag-and-drop system where room measurements and mathematical symbols are arranged to make up a custom formula.


1.  Formula Name
Text field in which a name for the custom calculation method must be entered. The name will serve as a label for the custom method when it is listed in the "Advanced" calculation method category.

2.  Measurements
List of measurements available for use in the custom formula. Click and drag items from this panel into the Formula panel (5). The two tabs at the top control whether the measurements are presented in Feet or Metric units.

3.  Symbols
Mathematical symbols that may be used in the custom formula. Click and drag items from this panel to the Formula panel (5).

To include a specific number, use the # symbol. As soon as it is placed in the Formula panel, a text box will appear in which a number may be entered.

4.  Formula Illustration
Click an element from the Formula (5) or Measurement (2) panels and an illustration representing how that element is used will be displayed here. The portions of the room that will be included in the calculation are highlighted in a darker color.

Click a blank area in the Formula panel (5) to de-select all elements, and the illustration will change to represent the entire formula in its current form.

Note: The diagram in this panel is illustrative. It is not meant to directly match the size and shape of any rooms on the floor plan.

5.  Formula
Panel in which the custom formula is constructed. This is accomplished by clicking and dragging elements from the Measurement (2) and Symbol (3) panels and arranging them here.

Remove an element from the formula by dragging it back to the panel it came from. Items in this panel may also be rearranged by clicking and dragging.


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