Grouping Rooms

When several rooms share the same product, add-ons, or other common properties, it can be helpful to assign them to a group. If changes need to be made to those rooms, they can all be selected from the Explorer window's "Group" view with a single click. Additionally, rooms belonging to the same group can move together on the floor plan, be deleted together, and the software can allocate their cuts from the same section of a roll.



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How To:

Add Rooms to a Group

1.  Select one or more rooms.

2.  Click the "Group" button.

3.  In the window that appears, enter a name for the group or click the drop-down box and choose an existing group to assign the rooms to it.


4.  Choose from among the three parameters that can be applied to the group.

5.  Click OK to complete the process.

Select All Rooms in a Group

1. Select the "Group" view in the lower-right corner of the screen, under the Explorer window.


A heading will appear for each group in the project. Rooms not belonging to a group will be listed under a "none" heading.


2.  Left-click a group name and all rooms within it will be selected.


Selecting a group name and pressing the Delete key will delete the group, but it will not erase the rooms that belonged to the group. Those rooms will simply be placed back under the "none" heading.

Remove Rooms from a Group

1.  Select one or more rooms belonging to a group.

2.  Click the "Ungroup" button.

Group Parameters


Rooms in group move together
When any room in the group is moved, the other rooms in the group move along with it.

Rooms in group allocate together
This is an advanced feature that causes all cuts within the selected rooms to be taken from the same section of the roll.

Cut Sequencing

Rooms in group are deleted together
If any room(s) within the group is deleted, all other rooms from the same group are deleted as well.

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