Measure Mobile Licensing Update

Measure Mobile is moving from a free app to a subscription-based product. This will bring our users a host of benefits listed below. For example, it will simplify the Measure Mobile experience, by giving users unlimited Cloud storage and access to greater functionality regardless of the size of business.

What are the changes?

As of November 1, 2018, Measure Cloud Storage will no longer be sold as a product offering. Instead, Measure Mobile will be offered as a subscription at the rate of $495 annually for one license and will include unlimited Cloud Storage for Measure projects. A single license provides access to Measure Mobile on one device at a time. Like Measure Desktop, the license can be revoked to allow another user in the company to have access to Measure Mobile on a different device. The user can also log out at any time to free up the license.

The app may still be downloaded and used for free by anyone who is not logged in, however, they will be limited to creating only 5 projects locally on the device. 

What additional features are included with a Measure Mobile License Subscription?

  • Unlimited Cloud Storage for Measure Projects*
  • Ability to attach photos
  • Ability for Admins to upload a Company Logo
  • Ability for Admins and Managers to recover deleted projects*
  • Ability for Admins and Managers to restore previous versions of saved projects*
  • Ability to view PDF blueprints if the company also has at least one Measure Premier license
  • New purchases of Measure Mobile come with an RFMS Mobile license (contact our Sales department for further information if you are interested in using RFMS Mobile)

* Also available to any user with an active Measure Desktop license

Existing subscribers of Measure Cloud Storage qualify for grandfathered pricing for a period of one year, until October 31, 2019. Contact support or your sales representative for more details. 


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