Upcoming Enhancements to Measure Mobile and RFMS Mobile on Windows devices

A significant update is coming soon to users of Measure Mobile and RFMS Mobile on Windows devices. This update contains several key improvements to both applications, including:
  • New menu style options below the toolbar for accessing key functions on every screen
  • Ability to save PDFs locally to the PC without requiring a 3rd party app
  • Ability to email a link to download the PDF document via your default mail application, including Outlook
  • Coming Soon: Ability to use the Barcode Scanner for Product Search (requires RFMS Business Management Software)

Measure Mobile Only:

  • Ability to access the 3D visualizer
  • Ability to use the Leica X3 Disto and improved support for other Leica Distos
Week of April 20, 2020
Unfortunately, besides these improvements, the update for Measure Mobile contains a potential pitfall for Windows users:
  • Any un-synced Measure projects remaining on the device will be deleted upon updating
  • Users will be logged out of both applications upon updating. 
What You Can Do:
  • Ensure all projects are synced to the cloud prior to the update time.
  • Log into Measure Mobile and RFMS Mobile after the update occurs. We encourage users to choose the "Deactivate your other device" option when logging back in to ensure that the same license is used. 

If you would like to utilize these features sooner, please contact appsbeta@rfms.com and request access to the Beta Testing program.

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