Measure Mobile Beta Release Notes



Measure Mobile 5.0.28 was released on Thursday, September 10, 2020 to all testers.

New Features:

  • Creating a new duplicate in the Project Set names the new project after the selected CRM option (MM-3019)
  • The selected CRM option automatically applies the products to rooms specified in the option (MM-3019)


  • Render HTML formatted Terms and Conditions in PDF Proposal (MM-1854)
  • Improved positioning of dimension labels on PDF Installation (MM-3033) (tick)
  • Allow user to reverse draw direction with Free Draw tool (MM-3045) (tick)             
  • Simplified share menu on Worksheet(MM-3018)


Known Issues:


  • No known issues with this release at this time


Measure Mobile 5.0.24 was released on Wednesday, August 12, 2020 to all testers.


  • If a user's license is automatically replaced because it was expired or cancelled, the new license serial will now be shown on the Account dialog (MM-3003)
  • Reinstated full lay direction options on stairs with roll goods (MM-3015)
  • Print button in PDF viewer (MM-3010)
  • Suggested room names obtained from RFMS Online Services (MM-3016)
  • "Share" renamed "Share Calendar" (MM-3020)

Bug Fixes

  • T-seams were not being kept away from transitions (MM-3014)
  • Corrected minor issues with Line Draw - wall segment angle (MM-3022)
  • Stairways with carpet could have their material quantities inflated by a large amount (MM-3030)
  • Room Area was changing on stairs depending on whether in Expanded view or not (MM-3013)

Measure Mobile 5.0.19 was released on Wednesday, July 29, 2020 to all testers.
New Features:
  • Adjust angle tool for Free Draw (​MM-2824)
  • Product category shown in To Do list (​MM-3001)
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed bug with deleting just one project from a set (MM-3011)
  • Corrected a bug where certain login error messages did not display correctly on iOS (MM-2900)

Measure Mobile 5.0.15 was released on Friday, July 17, 2020 to all testers. Note: This version includes several changes that only apply to users who have access to the Property Manager feature. Those changes are listed separately below the regular notes.

General Improvements and Bug Fixes:

  • Removed decimal places when working with millimeters (MM-2959)
  • Detailed cut instructions are now included with the installation report
  • Calendar of appointments scheduled for the user in CRM
  • Project sets can now be included in multiple selection on the projects list
  • Hardened stairs code

Beta Properties Feature:

  • Property Management Companies and Properties now sorted alphabetically (MM-3006)
  • Estimators can now see all Management Companies, but only Properties associated with their salesperson
  • Properties can be associated with BidPro templates
  • Refresh prices will pick up prices from connected BidPro templates
  • Estimators cannot create or edit Management Companies (MM-2988)
  • Project Sets can now be associated with Properties

Measure Mobile 5.0.9 was released on Thursday, July 2, 2020 to all testers. 


  • Subscribe to estimator's CRM calendar (MM-2705)

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed polygon overlap error that could occur in some cases (MM-2946)
  • Sharing or publishing an estimate syncs the current project immediately (MM-2790)
  • Improved allocation yield when more than 15 cuts are involved (MM-2947)
  • Extra Waste now accepts the ' (foot) symbol (MM-2928)
  • Fixed overlapping cut situation (MM-2969)

Property Manager:

  • Property list can be filtered by text or salesperson (MM-2973 MM-2972)
  • Companies with access to the Property Management feature can now publish (MM-2974)
  • Various enhancements to Property feature (MM-2981)
  • Prepopulate property and manager name with that of the selected RFMS customer (MM-2964)
  • Fixed a bug when creating the first property manager at a company (MM-2973)
  • "Only Mine" property filter forced on for Estimator/Salespeople (MM-2973)

Measure Mobile 5.0.4 was released on Tuesday, June 16, 2020 to all testers.


  • Changed name of "Draw" command to "Free Draw" (MM-2949)
  • Users may now search across all folders (MM-2862)
  • Projects may now be viewed in a grid orientation (MM-2820)
  • "Property Managers" renamed as "Property Management Companies" to prevent confusion (MM-2939)
  • Name of property now shown on project cards (MM-2861)
  • Projects associated with a CRM opportunity now offer a link to launch CRM (MM-2768)
  • Added button to open opportunity in Project Information dialog (MM-2768)
  • Sales tax can once again be figured using RFMS (MM-2691)
  • Folder name visible on projects list (MM-2862)

Bug Fixes:

  • The Free Draw function can now be used to fill areas between rooms (MM-2926)
  • Fix to Free Draw tool (MM-2961)
  • Some projects were hanging when attempting export to RFMS (MM-2962)
  • Extra Waste now accepts the ' (foot) symbol (MM-2928)
  • Fixed overlapping cut situation (MM-2969)

Measure Mobile 4.3.60 was released on Friday, May 29, 2020 to all testers.


  • User can now publish all projects in the project set at once (MM-2909)
  • Transitions are now added immediately in Line Draw and the Draw tool (MM-2940)
  • When using Line Draw or Draw, the system will now complete a square room after drawing only two walls (MM-2935)
  • New sharing/publish icons (MM-2909)
  • Create Opportunity in Project Information dialog (MM-2934)

Bug Fixes:

  • When using Draw tool, the transition position was shifting when rooms were created (MM-2924)
  • Improvements to area calculations on stairs (MM-2867)
  • Fixed icon issue on Windows platform (MM-2909)
  • Fixed bug with creating new opportunity (MM-2933)
  • Minor fixes to transition creation with Draw tool (MM-2940)
  • New opportunity should be associated with newly created project (MM-2933)
  • New opportunity assigned to user (MM-2933)

Measure Mobile 4.3.56 was released on Tuesday, May 19, 2020 to all testers.


Hide on proposal flag now included in proposal exports (MCM-1037)
Drawing page indicates if a product is missing size (MM-2917)
Apply DISTO measurements immediately to the current segment while in Draw Polygon mode (MM-2886)
Indicate status of DISTO connection in the keypad (MM-2886)
Published data now includes sales tax (MCM-1035, MCM-1044)
Allow the user to collapse or expand the checklists (MM-2818)
Added search/filter to checklist (MM-2828)

Bug Fixes:

Stairway landings now show an Up direction (MM-2918)
Rotation of stairway segments has been fixed (MM-2918)
Carpet wasn't allocating under certain conditions (MM-2882)
Fixed bug with rendering patterns with width but no height hangs the app (MM-2917)

Measure Mobile 4.3.52 has been released on Monday, May 11, 2020 to all testers.


Property button can be used to change the property assignment for one or more projects (MM-2849)
Proposal sharing again allowed for drawings that did not originate in CRM (MM-2838)
Proposal sharing no longer allowed if the project has a quote or order number (MM-2838)
Improvements to roll compression (MM-2841)
Measure Time and Estimated Delivery Time fields added to Project Information dialog (MM-2860)
New share panel when sharing a property, which includes some controls (MM-998)
View and delete source data that will be included in the property report (MM-2877)
Show list of room names from the To Do list to choose in the room name dialog (MM-2844)
Room name dialog indicates names from To Do list that are already in use (MM-2844)
Implemented Draw Polygon tool (MM-2874)
Implemented transitions for the Draw Polygon tool and the Line Draw tool (MM-2782)
Modified position and appearance of transition icons (MM-2782)
Last segment drawn by Draw Polygon tool is now highlighted in red (MM-2782)
Installation document now generated and uploaded when publishing or sharing (MM-2879)
Millimeters are now supported as a unit of measure (MM-2696)
Show cut names on selected stair cuts on the main drawing area (MM-2852)
The Draw Polygon feature now optionally snaps to 90 or 45 degrees lines (MM-2888)
Pinch panning and zooming now work correctly while using the Draw Polygon tool (MM-2893)
New logo (MM-2894)
Allow applying products from To Do list even if only one option is available (MM-2883)
Show project To Do list when a project without any rooms is opened in Drawing page (MM-2878)
The system now uses existing wall segments of other rooms when drawing a room (MM-2823)
Shape snapping when moving a wall segment has been implemented (MM-2906)
CRM user who is not associated with an RFMS User, I should still be able to publish worksheet data (MM-2905)
Allow applying just the product, instead of room name, from To Do list (MM-2845)
Default to applying just products from To Do list if all items in the list have been applied (MM-2845)
Properties are now associated with Property Managers which can in turn also be associated with RFMS customers (MM-2880)
Refinements to new Draw feature (MM-2908)
Allow the user to collapse or expand the checklists (MM-2818)
"New" projects excluded from "Open" view (MM-2770)
"New" view shows all projects with "New" status regardless of date (MM-2770)

Bug Fixes:

Fixed a bug with match material assigned using the checklist (MM-2876)
Publish feature now corrects bad data introduced by checklist added match material products (MM-2876)
Applying a perimeter checklist item to stairway no longer results in an inaccurate quantity (MM-2850)
Fixed issue with compression (MM-2904)
Corrected angle snapping when dragging a vertex using the Draw Polygon tool (MM-2888)
Certain older projects were causing the app to hang (MM-2897)
Line draw mode ends when the user views the estimate (MM-2896)

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