Measure Mobile Beta Release Notes


Measure Mobile Beta 5.5.43 was released Tuesday, May 14, 2024 on the iOS platform.


New Features:

  • Phase 1 of LiDAR room measurement
    • Note: This feature is only available on iPad and iPhone pros with LiDAR capabilities.
    • Begin taking LiDAR measurements by tapping the Add menu, selecting "LiDAR Draw", and scanning the room with the device.
    • Objects within the room are detected and added as placeholder items. Once the room is drawn, individual placeholder objects can be selected and replaced with 3D Clipart items.


  • Enhanced calendar, similar to CRM (MM-3755)
  • Users may now adjust a transition's width by tapping and dragging the ends (MM-3518)
  • Enforced maximum combined length when the user moves cuts (MM-3741)
  • Corrections to roll compression (MM-3447)
  • Terms and Conditions in "My Store" now renders HTML properly (MM-3734)
  • Sync calendar with Outlook or other email client (MM-3756)

Bug Fixes:

  • When unit of measure was set to millimeters, DISTO measurements were not correctly applied (MM-3748)
  • Corrected issue with emailing PDF as URL link (MM-3746)

  • Corrected issue with Stair chooser not opening if user logs out and logs back in (MM-3769)
  • Recycle fee and miscellaneous tax included when Calculate Tax is pressed (MM-3753)
  • Sharing MFL link correctly shows room transparency (MM-3752)

Measure Mobile Beta 5.5.37 was released Monday, February 26, 2024 on the iOS, Windows, and Android platforms.


  • Salesperson fields are free text for non-RFMS users
  • Added ability to place multiple products per Transition
  • Parity with RFMS: Write-in Product Name limited to 80 characters on Worksheet
  • Project Set dialog no longer shows deleted projects

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed issue with camera not working in Android 13
  • Product notes copied to line item only for service items
  • Windows app no longer becomes unresponsive when Cancel button pressed when choosing photo

  • Holes were not being deducted from Miscellaneous products applied to room
  • In some cases, cuts could not be moved to the edge of the roll
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