Measure Mobile Cheat Sheet

Below are some "cheat sheets" you can use as a reference for the different buttons and actions to take on screens in Measure Mobile.


To download the PDF Handbook, click the download link at the bottom of the page.

Projects Home screen

Project Home Screen


  1. Menu
  2. Sync device to cloud
  3. Help
  4. Switch to another folder
  5. Switch current folder view to view projects in other statuses
  6. Date range filter
  7. Search by customer name, project title, or quote/order number if available
  8. Create a new project

Options when Project is Selected


  1. Select a project
  2. Delete the selected product
  3. Duplicate the selected project
  4. Move the selected project to another folder
  5. Archive the selected project

Add Project Screen


  1. Search your RFMS customer  file for a customer record to pull it into the Measure Mobile project
  2. If you enter a new customer's info, select this checkbox to add them to the customer file
  3. Select this checkbox to create a new Sales Lead in CMM (only appears if CMM is active)
  4. Tap to view customer address in Google maps
  5. Tap to view Zillow website info on customer address
  6. Rename the project title
  7. Select desired template
  8. Select to start project in Drawing screen or Worksheet screen
Drawing Screen

Drawing Screen


  1. Menu
  2. Return to Projects Home screen
  3. Drawing
  4. Products
  5. Checklists
  6. Worksheet
  7. Proposal
  8. Installation
  9. Project Information
  10. Project Settings
  11. Link to Support site
  12. Project sets
  13. On screen tool tips
  14. Multi select box
  15. Multi select transitions
  16. Toggle sidebar
  17. Add rooms, doors, stairs, text boxes, holes, and clipart 

Add Menu


  1. Tap plus icon to access add menu
  2. Line draw allows you to draw a room wall by wall
  3. Touch draw allows you to draw shape of a room and then apply dimensions to it
  4. Quick room drops in predefined shape of room and can then be edited
  5. Add a square or rectangular hole to a selected room
  6. Add a circular hole to a selected room
  7. Add a transition to a selected room
  8. Add staircase
  9. Add text directly on your floorplan
  10. A measure line between 2 points on your drawing to calculate distance
  11. Add from Library of 3D objects created and uploaded from Measure Desktop
  12. Add from 3D Clipart Library of common household furniture objects

With 1 Room Selected


  1. Edit selected room
  2. Rotate selected room(s) counterclockwise
  3. Rotate selected room(s) clockwise
  4. Flip selected room(s) left/right
  5. Flip selected room(s) up/down
  6. Split a room into two areas/rooms
  7. Deleted selected room(s)
  8. Copy/duplicate selected room(s)
  9. Hide side bar
  10. Edit name of selected room
  11. Choose product for selected room(s)
  12. Edit lay direction of material in selected room(s)

With Multiple Rooms Selected


  1. Join selected rooms
  2. Punch out smaller area/room from larger area/room
  3. Align

Edit Mode


  1. Tap on square to select wall to edit
  2. Use keypad to enter desired measurement and tap checkmark to confirm
  3. Increase measurement by 1” (or snapping amount)
  4. Decrease measurement by 1” (or snapping amount)
  5. Connect Leica Disto laser
  6. Toggle wall for 3D view
  7. Lay along side
  8. Add a point to selected wall
  9. Delete a point from selected wall
  10. Add curve to selected wall
  11. Move to previous/next wall
  12. Flip direction of red arrow
  13. Lock/unlock room
  14. Hide side bar
  15. Undo last action
Products Screen
  1. Select product
  2. Edit selected product
  3. Delete selected product
  4. Duplicate selected product
  5. View selected product in RFMS Mobile
  6. Refresh pricing from database
  7. Add product to project
  8. Select color to change display color, check inventory or indicate sample taken
  9. Change product code


Checklist Screen
  1. Select checklist item
  2. Select rooms checklist item applies to
  3. Select quantity for checklist item selected
  4. Enter notes and/or take pictures for checklist item selected
  5. Undo action
  6. Filter Checklist
  7. View checklist menu


Worksheet Screen
  1. Select line
  2. Change price for selected line(s)
  3. Select/deselect all lines
  4. Delete selected line(s)
  5. Duplicate selected line
  6. Fix the grand total
  7. Add line to worksheet
  8. Opens calculator
  9. Discount
  10. Refresh prices from RFMS
  11. Send to RFMS
  12. Drag line up or down to adjust order of lines
  13. Verify rooms for selected line
  14. Enter notes and/or take pictures for selected line


Proposal Screen
  1. Adjust paper size of proposal document
  2. Adjust layout to portrait or landscape of proposal document
  3. Select content to display (checked shows content/unchecked hides content)
  4. Select which Terms and Conditions to add
  5. Preview proposal document
  6. Email, share, or send proposal document to RFMS
  7. Finalize project
  8. Accept payment

*Note – Best Practice for RFMS Users:  Use RFMS Mobile to generate a Quote or Order PDF and Post Payment


Installation Screen
  1. Adjust paper size of installation document
  2. Adjust layout to portrait or landscape of installation document
  3. Select content to display (checked shows content/unchecked hides content)
  4. Adjust font size on installation document of the 4 different fields
  5. Set scale of included drawing
  6. Select additional items to display on drawing
  7. Preview installation document
  8. Email, share or send installation document to RFMS


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