Measure Mobile Cheat Sheet

Below are some "cheat sheets" you can use as a reference for the different buttons and actions to take on screens in Measure Mobile. The images can be saved by right clicking, then filing them away as needed or printing them.


These pages will be updated in the near future as well as make it easier to print out.

Project Home Screen


  1. Menu
  2. Sync device to cloud
  3. Help
  4. Switch to another folder
  5. Switch current folder view to view projects in other statuses
  6. Date range filter
  7. Search by customer name, project title, or quote/order number if available
  8. Create a new project

Options when Project is Selected


  1. Select a project
  2. Delete the selected product
  3. Duplicate the selected project
  4. Move the selected project to another folder
  5. Archive the selected project

Add Project Screen


  1. Search your RFMS customer  file for a customer record to pull it into the Measure Mobile project
  2. If you enter a new customer's info, select this checkbox to add them to the customer file
  3. Select this checkbox to create a new Sales Lead in CMM (only appears if CMM is active)
  4. Tap to view customer address in Google maps
  5. Tap to view Zillow website info on customer address
  6. Rename the project title
  7. Select desired template
  8. Select to start project in Drawing screen or Worksheet screen

Drawing Screen


  1. Menu
  2. Return to Projects Home screen
  3. Drawing
  4. Products
  5. Checklists
  6. Worksheet
  7. Proposal
  8. Installation
  9. Project Information
  10. Project Settings
  11. Link to Support site
  12. Project sets
  13. On screen tool tips
  14. Multi select box
  15. Multi select transitions
  16. Toggle sidebar
  17. Add rooms, doors, stairs, text boxes, holes, and clipart 
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