Projects Screen Overview

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1. Side Menu
  1.  Access user information
  2. Version number
  3. Privacy policy,
  4. Language setting
  5. Support portal link.
2. Search Bar


  1. Select which folder to search in.
  2. Narrows the search by project status. (Open, All, New, Finalized, or Archived.)
  3. Narrows the search by the date the project was created. (Last 30 days, Last 90 days, Last year, or All.)
  4. Search by entering the name of the project or customer.
  5. Toggle the view of the project tiles between Grid View, List View, and Details View.
3. Project Card

The project card contains the title of the project, its status, when it was last updated, and its current job cost information.

When a project title is in blue lettering it indicates that this project is either currently selected or was the last selected project.

When a project is selected, the options to Delete, Duplicate, Move, or Archive will appear in the toolbar. (Note: If one of the projects selected has a Project Set project_set_icon.png attached, then the Duplicate option will not appear.)


To access the project information for a specific project select the info icon, , in the bottom right corner of a project tile. For more on Project Information click HERE.

At the bottom of the tile there may be other icons:

multiple_sheets_icon.png This icon appears when there are multiple sheets associated with a projects. Select this icon to select which sheet to open and start working on.
available_blueprint_icon.png This icon pair indicates that there is a blueprint for this project that are available to download from the cloud. Tap on the icon to download the blueprint.
blueprint_downloaded_icon.png This icon pair indicates that the blueprint for this project has already been downloaded and is on the device.
crm_link_icon.png This icon indicates that the measure project is associated with an opportunity in CRM.
project_set_icon.png The Project Set icon indicates that there are multiple project options in this project. Tap the icon to select which project option to open. (Note: You can also also switch between project options of the Set while the project is open.)
need_to_sync_icon.png This icon indicates that the project has not been synced to the cloud.
4. Header

calendar_icon.png The Calendar icon shows any upcoming appointments you have.

How to Share/Sync the Calendar

cloud_sync_icon.png The cloud sync button is used to manually sync your projects to the cloud.

show_help_icon.png The question mark icon provides a screen overlay when tapped. This overlay gives brief explanations of different areas of the screen.

5. Create a New Project

Select the blue circle to start a new project. For more information on beginning a new project click HERE.

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