Worksheet Overview

The Worksheet displays product quantities and waste information along with cost/price data.


The Worksheet will a display a line item for each product and service used on the project. Each line contains quantity, waste, and pricing details about the item it represents.

Expanding Lines

Lines can be expanded to reveal more information by clicking the Expand button, Expand.png, next to it.

  • Expand all lines by clicking the ExpandAll.png button in the upper-left corner of the Worksheet.
  • Collapse all lines by clicking the CollapseAll.png button in the upper-left corner of the Worksheet.

Grand Total, Tax, and Discount

The bottom-right corner displays the total amount of tax due for the project and a grand total. If a discount has been applied to the project, it will also appear in this area. For more information on this please see the section Additional Worksheet Functions.

Editing Data Fields

Data fields with a white background indicates that they can be edited directly on the Worksheet. Fields with a grey background cannot be edited.

Range Edit

Multiple entries can be adjusted at once by using the Range Edit feature.

For information on how to use this feature please see the article How to Edit Multiple Lines at Once on the Worksheet.

Undoing Actions on the Worksheet

Any Worksheet operations that result in changes to project data can be undone by clicking the Worksheet_Undo_Button.png button at the bottom of the screen. Click the Worksheet_Redo_Button.png button to redo the operation.

How to Sort Worksheet Data

The manner in which Worksheet data is presented can be manipulated with the four radio buttons and three tabs in the upper-left corner of the screen:


By Item
The default Worksheet format in which each line represents a product or service. Clicking the Expand.png button that appears to the left of an item expands the line downward to present room-specific data about it.
By Room
A line is generated for each room on the project. Clicking the Expand.png button expands the line downward to display a list of all products and services used within the room, along with quantity and pricing information.
Creates a "Group by" drop-down menu directly under the Worksheet tabs. Select a method of grouping from the menu and lines will be generated based on that selection.
Active Sheet Only
Data will only be drawn from the sheet/tab that was active when the Worksheet was opened.
All Sheets
Data will be drawn from all sheets/tabs on the projects.
Selected Sheets
Choose a combination of sheets and phases that should be represented on the Worksheet. When this option is enabled, a Check_Button.png button will appear next to it. Click the button to access a list of all sheets. If phases are being used, each sheet/phase combination will be listed. Check the boxes next to the sheets that should be represented on the Worksheet and click OK.
All data from the selected phase will be included on the Worksheet, even if the phase contains rooms on multiple sheets/tabs. When this option is enabled, a drop-down menu will appear next to it. Select a phase from the menu, or choose "(all)" to remove the filter.
How to Edit Worksheet Columns

In most cases, the variety and volume of data available through the worksheet will be more than any individual organization needs. As such, data columns can be enabled or disabled.

Click the "Columns" button in the lower-left corner of the screen and a list will appear with all available Worksheet columns.


Uncheck items to remove them from the worksheet, or check them to ensure they are included. Click the Default button to restore the Worksheet to it's original configuration. When the process is complete, click "OK" to apply changes and close the window.


Additional Worksheet Functions

Sheet Add-Ons
Manage auxiliary products and services at the Worksheet level. Located in the lower-left corner of the screen.

See: Sheet Add-Ons

Add-Ons for Room
Manage Room Add-Ons directly from the Worksheet. Located in the lower-left corner of the screen

  • If the view is set to "By Item," click the Expand.png button next to a product or service and a list of rooms in which it is used will appear. Select a room and click this button to view its Room Add-On window.
  • If the view is set to "By Room," simply select a room line and click the "Add-Ons for Room" button.

See: Room Add-Ons

Open the Print screen and enable the Worksheet report if it was not already selected.

See: Print Screen Overview

renumber_lines_button.png Renumber Lines

After establishing a custom line order on the worksheet use this button to reset the numbering order of the Sort column.

Refresh_Prices_Button.png Refresh Prices
Connect to the data source for any products imported from RFMS Online Services or an RFMS Database and ensure that the price/cost information displayed on the Worksheet is current.

Change_Order_Button.png Change Order
Compare two sheets/tabs and generate a change order based on the differences between them.

See: Change Orders

Explore_Margins_Button.png Explore Margins
Enter three potential margin percentages and see how they affect the price of each product as well as the project's grand total.

  Note: This option is only available in projects that are flagged as Commercial.

See: Explore Margins

Discount_Button.png Discount
Apply a discount as a percentage off the entire project. The discount will be displayed above the grand total at the bottom of the on-screen Worksheet and the printed Worksheet report.

  Note: This option is only available in projects that are flagged as Retail.

export_to_rfms.png Export to RFMS

Export the project to RFMS

See: How to Export a Measure Project to RFMS

Worksheet_Export_Button.png Export Worksheet
Choose an export destination for project data.

See: Export to Microsoft Excel

Advanced_Excel_Export_Button.png Enhanced Excel Export
Export all data from the Worksheet to a richly formatted spreadsheet that utilizes the powerful Excel PivotTable feature.

See: Enhanced Excel Export

Generate_Forms_Button.png Generate Forms
Create custom forms based on current project data.

See: Generate Forms

Fixed_Total_Button.png Set Fixed Total
Establish fixed subtotals for individual lines, or a fixed grand total.

See: Setting Fixed Totals

Notes in the Worksheet

Selecting the cell in the notes column will open the Worksheet Notes dialog. The "Note" section is the location to enter line specific notes that can appear on printed reports. 

"Private Note" is where comments and notes can go that will not appear on printed reports, but will export to RFMS and appear in the Internal Line Notes.


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