Explore Margins

See how three potential margin settings will affect the price of each line item and the grand total.


This feature allows estimators to enter three different margin percentages, see how each one affects the project, and select one to apply to the estimate.

Note: This option is only available in projects that are flagged as Commercial.

The "Explore Margins" Window


  • At the top of the window are three trial margins labeled 1, 2, and 3. Select a different percentage by clicking the grey Margin_Select_Button.png button next to any margin, or click within the percentage box to enter a custom amount.

  • The "Grand Total" row reveals different potential totals based on each margin. Click the "Use This" button under a total to select that margin amount and apply it to each item on the Worksheet.

  • Lines at the bottom of the window allow an estimator to see how each margin would affect the price of individual Worksheet items.

  • To close the window without applying a margin, simply click the "Close" button.
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