How to Export a Measure Project to RFMS

Measure Desktop allows for direct export to create a quote or order in RFMS based on your take-off. In order to export your Measure project must have the following:

  • customer name and address information
  • job name and address information
  • every line in the worksheet must have an associated product code

How to Export

  1. Click the Worksheet button worksheet.png in the navigation bar to enter the worksheet
  2. Choose the option to Export to RFMS
  3. Select which reports you would like to include in the export, then click Export.
  4. RFMS will open your web browser, if you're not currently logged it it will prompt you to. Select the options you wish to create the quote and choose to Open for Editing or Save Immediately
  5. Measure Desktop Reports are saved under the attachments tab in the right side section.
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