Change Orders

Compare two sheets and generate a printable Change Order based on the price or cost difference between them.


Creating a change order requires that the project contain at least two sheets. When the order is generated, a new sheet representing the change is added to the project. Because this is a special type of sheet, it will not be listed along with the other, user-created sheets at the bottom of the drawing area. It can, however, be viewed in the Worksheet by selecting it from the "Change Order" interface or using the "Selected Sheets" view.

The "Change Order" sheet consists only of Sheet Add-Ons that represent the differences in materials between the original and revised estimates. Quantities and prices will reflect increases and/or decreases in material. If the grand total increases, a "Change Order" form can be printed for the customer to sign. If the grand total is reduced, a similar form labeled as a "Credit Memo" can be printed.

How To:

Generate a New Change Order

1.  Create a new sheet containing the changes from the original estimate.

Tip: Right-click the original sheet and click "Duplicate" to create an exact copy of it.

2.  Navigate to the Worksheet.

3.  Click the "Change Order" button in the upper-right corner of the screen and a window labeled "Compare sheets" will appear.

4.  Select the sheet containing the original estimate in the drop-down box of that name.

5.  Select the sheet containing the revised estimate in the drop-down box of that name.

6.  Click the "Save Differences" or "Generate Forms" button.

7.  Enter a name for the Change Order sheet and click OK.

8.  If the "Save Differences" button was clicked: The change order will be created, the "Compare Sheets" window will close and the Worksheet will display data from the newly created change order.

If the "Generate Forms" button was clicked: The change order will be created, the "Compare Sheets" window will close, and the "Forms" feature will be loaded with the Change Order or Credit Memo form in view.

Manage Existing Change Orders

Clicking the "Change Order" button on the Worksheet when a change order has already been created causes the following window to appear:


Open the "Compare Sheets" window and begin creating a new change order.

Delete the selected change order sheet from the project.

The name that was entered when the change order sheet was created. This field is display only.

The name of the original sheet and the sheet to which it was compared in order to generate the change order. This field is display only.

Open Worksheet
Adjust the Worksheet view so that it displays data from the the selected change order sheet.

Generate Forms
Open the Forms window and generate a printable report based on the selected change order.

The "Compare Sheets" Window


± Column

  • Indicates there is no difference in quantity between the two sheets for a given product.
  • + Indicates that there is a greater quantity in the revised estimate as compared to the original.
  • - Indicates that there is a smaller quantity in the revised estimate as compared to the original.

Show Only Differences
If this box is checked, only products with differing quantities will be displayed.

If the revised estimate causes the grand total to increase, the price will appear between parentheses and the "Change Order" form will be labeled "Credit Memo". When the grand total is increased because of the revised estimate, the price will appear without parentheses and the form will simply be labeled "Change Order".

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