Highlight Tool

The Highlight tool allows you to draw different transparent shapes in the drawing area and is part of the annotation toolbox.


How to Draw Highlights
  1. Select the highlight tool, highlight_tool_icon.png, in the annotation section of the Home tab of the ribbon bar.
  2. You can choose to customize the highlight or keep the default settings and begin drawing. To begin, click Draw Highlight.
  3. The cursor will change, highlight_tool_cursor.png, and then you can begin drawing. Left-click to place the first corner, draw the dimensions box to the size you want, then left-click again to place the last corner.


How to Customize Highlights


  • A: Select a color from the color picker or use RBG, HSL, or CMYK values.
  • B: Set a transparency level for the individual highlight.
  • C: Choose to set the highlight transparency to match whatever the project is set to. This will override any setting made in B.
  • D: Customize the line style for the highlight. (Note: This is only visible if the "filled" box is unchecked.)
  • E: Select the basic shape for the highlight.
  • F: Set a custom name for the highlight. This name will appear in the Explorer window, your highlight library, and shared highlight library.
  • G: Set the line thickness of the highlight based on the unit of measure for your project. (Note: This is only visible if the "filled" box is unchecked.)
  • H: Choose to have the highlight be filled, or stay a simple outline.
How to Manage Highlights Library

Adding a Highlight


  1. Start by customizing the highlight. Including a name uner "Label" is optional.
  2. Click the "plus" button to save the highlight to your personal library.

Deleting a Highlight


  1. Start by selecting a highlight in your library.
  2. Then, click the "x" button to delete it.
How to Share Highlights with Others in Your Company


  1. Select the highlight you want to share.
  2. Click the Share button adn the highlight will be added under "Company Designs".
Highlights on Printed Reports

 Note: The option to "show annotation flags" will hide or show leader lines, highlights, and the room add-ons icon on Seam and Room plan reports.

Seam Plan Show/Hide Annotations Room Plan Show/Hide Annotations
seam_plan_properties_annotations.png room_plan_properties_annotations.png


  1. Highlights can be cut and pasted, just be sure that the box is checked allowing them to be selectable. (That checkbox is next to thte highlight tool in the ribbon bar.)
  2. You can rename a highlight after it has been added to the company designs.
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