Clip Art

Use the Clip Art tool to add icons for furniture and various other fixtures in your drawing.


Add Clip Art to Drawing

  1. Select the clip art tool icon under the Enhance section of the Room tab.
  2. Scroll until you find the desired clip art. Left click to select it. Left click again anywhere on the drawing to place it.

Insert New Clip art Collection

  1. Select the clip art tool
  2. Click "Insert New Clip Art into your collection" at the bottom of the window
  3. Use the Windows File Explorer to locate your clip art file then click Open

Acceptable files:



Manage Clip Art Collection

Use the the Clip Art Library manger to adjust the size, category, and names of clip art items. 

manage clip art library.png

Adjusting Clip Art on the Drawing

Select a piece of clip art and use the tools in the Room section of the Home tab to manipulate size, shape, and orientation. As with rooms the Select Tool can also be used to resize and move clip art. 

 Note: Only orientation and sizing tools will work on clip art objects. Join, Split, and Punch Out operations do not.



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