The Counter Tool

The Counter tool is a part of the the annotation section in Measure. It is designed to allow you to quickly count up non-flooring items on a blueprint that you need to get totals for. You can also assign a sheet add-on to count and view these totals in your worksheet and reports.

 Note: The Counter tool is sheet specific. It cannot be used across multiple sheets. Counters and their dependencies (products) will need to be created on each sheet that will utilize it.


Counters Dialog Box

When you activate the Counter tool the Counters dialog box will open. This box allows you to name and edit counter nodes as well as provides the total number of nodes on the drawing.


  • A. Enter the name of the counter node here.
  • B. The total number of nodes placed on the drawing area.
  • C. Change the color of the nodes.
  • D. Change the shape of the nodes. There are five (5) shapes to select from.
  • E. Edit the size of the nodes displayed in the drawing area. Size is done by scale and so is set by the unit of measure for your project.
  • F. Associate a product. Only products or services that are calculated by each, count, or box can be selected. Each node placed on the drawing area counts as one (1) item.
  • G. Make nodes visible or hidden in the drawing area.
  • H. Add additional counter items, delete selected item, show all in drawing area, hide all in drawing area.

How to Use the Counter Tool

Adding and Drawing Nodes
  1. Select the Counter tool, counter_tool_icon.png, to active it.
  2. In the dialog box that comes up, name the item, select a color, and select a shape.
  3. In the drawing area, left click to place a node, right click to remove one.
  4. The tool will remain active until the Counters dialog box is closed.
Including an Add-on Product with a Node
  1. From the Counters dialog box select the add-on icon, add_product_icon_1x.png.
  2. Select a product from the projects current product list, add a product, or search your database to add a product.
  3. The Sheet Add-ons dialog will open giving you the option to make further refinements.
Including Counter Nodes on Reports

Counter Nodes can be visible or hidden on Room and Seam Plan reports.

Room Plan Report Settings Seam Plan Report Settings
hide_all_nodes_room_plan.png hide_all_nodes_seam_plan.png


 Note: The products associated with the counter nodes are sheet add-ons, as such, they will not appear in the legend for Room and Seam Plan reports.


  • While the Counter tool is active, right-click to remove a node.
  • Clicking on a counter node will open the Counters dialog and activate the tool.
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