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The Add Text tool allows you to place notations anywhere in the drawing area. These notations will appear on printed reports.


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How To:

  1. Select the Add Text tool and left-click once to place the start point for the text box then a second time to complete the box.
  2. Enter and format any necessary text in the box that appears.
  3. Click OK to add the text.


Double-click an existing text box to open the Edit Text dialog.

Edit Text Dialog


A. Select Font

Use the dropdown box to select a font. Font options include all standard Windows fonts. 

B. Text Size
Text size is based on scale instead of points. You can set the specific scale based on your default unit of measure, or you can select Size to Fit. This means that the text will dynamically change to fit the size of the text box you've made.
C. Text Formatting
Formatting options are limited to Bold, Italic, and color specification.
D. Text Position

Use this dropdown to alter the position of the text within the text box. The default position is "middle".

E. Enter Text Window
Enter the text for your annotation here. Any text that is copy/pasted into this window will have its formatting overwritten by the settings of the Edit Text dialog. 
F. Leader Arrow

This checkbox allows you to show/hide the leader arrow. This arrow points from the text box to any location on the drawing that you wish. The arrow position is editable.

note_with_arrow.png note_editable_points.png

G. Insert Symbol

To add symbols to the text select the Insert Symbol button. In the window that appears, select your symbol, then click Insert, to add it to your text window.


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