Measuring Tool

Draw measuring lines over the floor plan to view distances between two or more points.


Using and older version of Measure?

The blue lines and measurements created with this tool are overlays used to confirm distances between points. Multiple measurement overlays can be drawn. Since measurements are drawn as a rectangle, a single use of this tool can display distances among multiple points.

These lines are persistent, moveable, and will appear in the explorer window.


To remove these lines right click the canvas area and choose "Delete Measuring Lines" or click the down arrow to the left of the measuring tool icon in the ribbon bar and choose "Delete Measuring Lines".


You can also choose to show these lines on printed reports.


How To:

  1. Left-click the Measure tool from the Home tab of the ribbon bar.
  2. Left-click on the drawing to set a start point for the measurement.
  3. Left-click a second time to set an end point.
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