Material Areas

The Material Areas tool allow you to designate multiple areas in a single room for different products. Each of these material areas can be named, have separate add-ons, and separate material lay direction from each other.


When adding or change products in material areas be sure that you have "drilled down" to the specific area. If the entire room is selected then product changes will apply to all areas


Defining Material Areas

How To:

1. Select a room

2. Select the Material Areas tool

3. Left click to start drawing a boundary line or shape

Define area by creating boundary lines:

In the example a red line has been drawn with the Material Areas tool to separate the kitchen from the living room area.

While drawing, the end of one line becomes the start of the next. To "lift the pen" and start drawing another line anywhere press Tab on your keyboard. 


Define area by drawing a shape:

In the example a rectangular shape has been outlined. 


4. After defining your areas press Enter to create them.

Material Area Names

Each material area name will be generated automatically, but can be changed. The names are visible even when a room is not selected. 


To rename a material area:

1. Select the room then select the material area

2. Click the material area name

3. In the dialog box that opens type in the new name


4. Select OK

Material Area Add-ons


A. Product add-ons specific to a material area will be indicated by this icon, add_on_icon.png. Click on the icon to access the product add-ons dialog for this area.

B. Perimeter add-ons  will be shown around the material area. 

C. Add-ons that apply to the entire room are indicated by this icon, add_on_icon.png, in the top left corner of the room.

To apply a product add-on to a material area:

1. Select the room, then select the material area

2. Select the Product Add-on tool in the Product section of the Home tab of the ribbon bar

3. In the dialog box that comes up, add/edit your add-ons. 

Material Area Lay Direction

The different material areas can have separate lay directions. 


To set the lay direction for a specific material area:

1. Select the room, then select the material area

2. Use the lay direction drop down box, located in the Product section of the ribbon bar of the Home tab, to set the direction.

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