The Coving Tool

Apply coving to a room. This tool expands the flooring material so that it extends up the wall by a specified amount.


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How To:

1. Select a room. If coving should only be applied to certain sides of the room, select the sides now by Ctrl+Click-ing each one.

2. Click on the the Coving tool. A dialog box will pop up with options for adding coving.


If one or more sides have been selected the option for Selected Edges will automatically be applied.



3. Next:

  • Specify the coving width.
  • Select where coving should be applied.
    Rooms and Holes
    Rooms Only
    Holes Only
  • Choose whether coving should be applied to transition areas.
  • Indicate whether or not to create scrap pieces. This option creates scrap pieces to fully cover inside corners. Since these scrap pieces are generally small and have a marginal impact on material usage, you have the option of suppressing their creation altogether.

4. When all of your selections have been made select OK.  


Changes to coving options can be made by selecting a room and then selecting the coving tool, or by right clicking a room and then selecting the coving tool. Any adjustments will be reflected after clicking the OK button in the coving dialog box.


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