Maximum Allowed T-Seams

Set the maximum number of t-seams Measure is allowed to place in a room.


Using an older version of Measure>

Each roll-based material in Measure's Product List has a field in which the user must specify an absolute maximum number of t-seams Measure can generate per room.


The Maximum Allowed T-Seam tool on the ribbon bar allows users to fine-tune this number on a per-room basis. Available options range from zero to whatever number was entered as an absolute maximum in the product list. In the case of the screenshot above, that would be 3 for the "12' Carpet Solid A" product.


"Maximum Allowed T-seams" refers only to t-seams generated automatically by Measure with the goal of reducing waste. Users can add an unlimited number of t-seams using the T-Seam tool in Layout Mode.

How To:

  1. Select one or more rooms.
  2. Click the "Maximum Allowed T-seams" drop-down box.
  3. Click on a number.
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