Rectangular Hole in Stack

Cut a rectangular hole through multiple stack panels in a single step.


Using an older version of Measure?

The standard Hole tools found under the Home tab of the Ribbon Bar only affect a single room or wall flap. Creating an opening in a Stack using those tools would require each panel to be selected and cut individually. The "Rectangular Hole in Stack" tool avoids this issue by allowing a single hole to affect multiple wall panels.


In addition to cutting holes in Stacks, this tool can also be used to cut through multiple wall flaps that were added manually with the Add Side tool.


How To:

1. Select a room or any wall flap attached to the room from which material is to be cut.

2. Click the Rectangular Hole in Stack button under the Ribbon Bar's 3D tab. When the cursor is moved over the drawing area, guide measurements will appear.


Press F6 to move the guide measurements to the next point going clockwise around the room. Press the F7 key to move to the previous point.

3. Place the cursor over the start point for the hole and left-click.

4. Move the cursor to the opposite corner of the hole and left-click again. Material will not be removed from the floor of the room, so it is advisable to overlap the hole over the floor somewhat to ensure that all stack material is removed.

5. A window will appear asking if trim products should be used around the opening.


Clicking "No" will complete the hole. Clicking "Yes" opens a new window in which edge materials for the opening may be specified. See the section below for information about adding trim.

Create Opening with Edge Materials


A. Wall Thickness

Text field in which a length for the additional wall flaps around the opening is entered.


B. Border

Apply Exterior Border
Check this box to create additional flaps that will form an exterior border.

Exterior Border Thickness
Text field in which a length for the additional "Exterior Border" flaps is entered. This field is only available if the "Apply Exterior Border" box is checked.


C. Edge Product

Inside Edge Product / Outside Edge Product
Click one of these buttons to open the product selection window and choose an edge product.

Edge products without a color will be highlighted in yellow on the drawing and in the 3D Viewer. If an edge product has a color, it will be shown in that color on the drawing.

Choosing a tile product will allocate a single row of the tile along the specified edge.


D. Panel Selector

Each panel that makes up a stack is technically a room. This column lists each panel's official room name.

Main Product
This column lists the name of the main product being used in each room that makes up the stack.

Outside Product
Click any button in this column to choose a different main product for that portion of the Exterior Border. If the "Apply Exterior Border" box is unchecked, this column will not be available.

Inside Product
Click any button in this column to choose a different main product for the wall flaps around that portion of the opening.


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