Shear Blueprint

The Shear tool is used to fix imported blueprints that are skewed either horizontally, vertically, or in both directions.

 Note: The tool is only available in Measure Premier.

This tool is available while importing a blueprint or on the Blueprint tab of the ribbon bar.


import shear.png

How To:

  1. Under the Blueprint tab in the Ribbon bar, click on the Shear Image button in the Image group.
  2. Click on one end of the wall that you wish to square.
  3. Move to the end point of the same wall. You will notice an arc displayed to visually show the angle that the image will be rotated. If you wish to cancel this operation, press the Esc key on your keyboard before clicking on the end point.
  4. When your cursor is at the end point of that wall, click again and the imported blueprint will be rotated in the direction indicated.

Fixing skewed drawings will result in a loss of clarity in the image. Also this can cause the scale of the Horizontal and Vertical directions to no longer match the aspect ratio or lose symmetry. Be sure to have "Keep Aspect Ratio" selected upon importing blueprints.

  Tip: For better results be sure when you use the Straighten and Shear Blueprint tools to use the longest wall possible.

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