How to Refresh Product Information from your RFMS Database to your Measure Product List

With the Product Refresh feature your Measure product list will never be outdated. Inactive or missing products will be flagged and you will have the option to replace them with another product from your database.

How To Perform a Refresh:

  1. Open the product list and select the Product Refresh button, product refresh button.png.
    product refresh button location.png
  2. A message will pop up asking if you want to compare the product list with products from the database. Select Yes.
    compare product list and databse message.png
  3. The Product Differences dialog will pop up, alerting you to any difference found between the database and your product list.
    product differences dialog.png
  4. Hover over a product to see what changes are to be made.
    difference explanation product refresh.png
  5. If a product is missing or inactive the the database, then you can choose to Replace it (See the section Replacing a Product below.)
  6. Select Accept to confirm changes to be made to the product list.

Replacing a Product

If a product is missing from or inactive in your RFMS product database, you can choose to replace it.

  1. From the Product Difference dialog, select the product that is flagged as missing or inactive.
  2. Select the Replace button in the bottom left of the dialog box.
    replace product differences.png
  3. Search for and select a replacement product from the Import Products from Database dialog and select the Import button to confirm. 
    import product for replacement.png
  4. Select Accept in the Product Difference dialog box to confirm the changes to be made to the product list.

Ignore Attributes

From the Product Differences dialog, select the Settings button.

ignore attribute dialog.png

The Ignore Attributes dialog will come up, allowing you to select a product category and choose certain product attributes that you want to ignore. If there is a difference found between the product database and your Measure product list you will not be alerted to anything excluded in the settings.

FOR EXAMPLE: Perhaps a certain plank product in your RFMS product database doesn't have a width and length assigned, but the width and length has been added in the measure product list. Choosing to ignore the length and width attributes for that product category means that, during a refresh, you will not be alerted to the difference in dimensions.
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