Panning and Zooming

Measure's pan and zoom tools allow for precise control over which part of the drawing is in view and how much detail is visible.


The various panning and zooming options can be found (1) in the upper right corner of the Ribbon Bar's "Home" tab, (2) in the scrollbars directly under and to the right of the drawing area, and (3) in the navigation bar located in the lower-right corner of the program window.

Use Panning Tools

  • Middle Mouse Button
    Hold down the middle mouse button while the cursor is over the drawing area. It will change to a Hand_Icon.png icon. Move the cursor to pan, and release the mouse button to stop panning.
  • Scrollbar
    Click one of th Scrollbar_Arrow.png buttons on either end of the vertical or horizontal scrollbars to pan slightly in that direction.

    Click in the trough between the arrows buttons and the scrollbar handle to pan a greater distance in that direction.

    Click and drag one of the scrollbar handles.

Use Zooming Tools

  • Mouse Wheel
    With the cursor over the drawing area, roll the mouse wheel back to zoom out or forward to zoom in. The zooming will occur at the cursor's location

 Note: The tools listed below are located in the Zoom area of the Ribbon Bar's "Home" tab, as well as in the navigation bar in the lower-right corner of the screen.

  1. Incremental Zoom In and Zoom Out
    Click the Zoom_In.png or Zoom_Out.png button to zoom in or out, respectively.
  2. Zoom to Drawing
    Adjust the zoom level so that the entire drawing fits within the viewable area
  3. Zoom to Area
    Draw a box around an area and set the zoom level so that that area fills the drawing space. After this tool has been selected, the box is drawn by clicking once to place one corner and a second time to place the opposite corner.
  4. Zoom to Fit
    Select any number of rooms and click this button. The zoom level will be adjusted so that the selected items fill the viewable area.


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