Scaling Blueprints

Scaling blueprints can be done during or after the import process. Either way the options and steps are the same.

If you have already imported a blueprint and want to adjust the scale use the Scale tool located under the Blueprint tab.


 Note: If you rescale a blueprint that you already have drawn rooms on, you will need to rescale those rooms using the Rescale Drawing tool.

Video Tutorial



Using a Known Scale Ratio

Use the options in the dropdown boxes of the Scale section to set it for the width and height of the image.


If You Want to Customize the Scale

If the option you are looking for is not in the dropdown box you can also choose to set custom scale for the width and height.


Manually Setting the Scale (Scale Ratio Unknown)

Setting the scale manually involves drawing a line on the blueprint and then specifying how long that line should be in real units.

1. Select the Set Manual Scale... button.


2. Left click once at a start point and then again at an end point. A dotted red guide line will appear as you're drawing.


The longer the line used the more accurate the scaling will be.


3. Enter the length of the measured distance in the box that pops us. Click OK.


4. Click OK to apply changes to the blueprint.

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