Using Sheets

Using Sheets in Measure allows you to divide your project into multiple worksheets. These can then be broken down and printed in reports for the specified sheets. Drawings on separate sheets can be scaled independently of each other.


When a new Measure project is started there will be one sheet labeled "Main". As many subsequent sheets as needed may be added.

Default Main Sheet
Multiple Sheets

The active sheet is listed in title bar of the Measure program.

title bar active sheet.png


By right clicking a sheet tab you will be presented with a few options:


Add: Add a new sheet.
Delete: Delete currently selected sheet.
Properties: Open Sheet Properties box.
Duplicate: Duplicate currently selected sheet. This includes phases and scenarios.
Merge: Merge two or more sheets together.
Sheet List: Open the Sheet List box.
Add Scenario: Duplicate sheet as a scenario.
Color: Open Select Tab Color box.



Sheet name: Change the name of the sheet.

Add sheet notes: Any notes added will be included in the note view report.

Add private notes: These are internal project notes and will not appear on printed reports. However they will be visible in other RFMS apps.

Multiplier: This will take every product line used on this sheet and multiply it by the amount you enter.


Sheet List:

From this dialog box control multipliers for all sheets of a project instead of editing the properties for each sheet individually.

A. Sheet name

B. Set Multiplier

C. Room Count per sheet

D. Save selected sheet as a separate Measure project

E. Move selected sheet up or down

F. Delete selected sheet



Use the drop down box to select a color for the sheet tab.


Merge Sheets:

Merge one or more sheets into the currently selected sheet.

If one or more of the sheets have notes, the "Merge sheet notes" checkbox will be enabled.

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