Image Settings

Within the Image Settings section of the Blueprint tab there are options for hiding imported images and choosing which image is currently selected.

 Note: These features are only available in Measure Premier.


Select Active Blueprint:


Click on Select Active Image to change which image is currently selected. This is helpful when multiple images have been imported onto the same sheet. Any image-specific options or blueprint editing tools will apply to whichever image is currently selected.

Allow Image to be Selected:


By default, images cannot be selected by clicking on them in the drawing area in order to prevent users from accidentally dragging them out of position while they are being traced over. This option enables the ability to select an image by clicking on it in the drawing area.

 Tip: Images can always be selected by clicking on their name in the Explorer window, regardless of whether this box is checked or not.

Hide Image:


The Hide Image setting alters the viewing area so that only the rooms you have traced will be displayed. This setting will be applied to the currently selected active image.


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