Import Products from RFMS

If you have an RFMS database it is best practice to import your products into Measure from there.


How To:

  1. First open your product list by either navigating to the Product List button in the Ribbon bar or by pressing the F3 key.
  2. Select the Search Database option.


  3. From the new box that opens enter your search criteria, including product code if desired, and select Search Store.

    You can also choose to filter by price level by using the drop down box next to the Search Store button. Products within that price level will then be listed and can be selected for import.


  4. Next, select the product(s) you wish to import by checking the box to the left of the name. Multiple boxes may be checked.

    The first 20 products will be shown. Click the Find More button to search for additional options.

  5. When all selections have been made, click the Import button to finish.


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