Configuring Product Categories

Manage categories in the Product List. This includes adding, deleting, and renaming categories.


How To:

  1. Right-click any of the categories in the Product List.
  2. Click on "Configure Categories..." in the menu that appears.

Customize Categories Window


1.  Select Category
Click on the name of a category to select it. Categories with unchecked boxes will remain in the software but will be hidden from view on the product list. Categories whose boxes are checked will be visible and have their products available for use in the Product List.

2.  Category Name
Click within the "Name" text field to change the name of the currently selected category.

3.  Product Type
Choose a product type for the currently selected category. Since different product types require different methods of calculation, assigning a type will dictate how any products added to that category will be estimated.

4.  Add / Delete Category
The green plus button is used to add a new category to the list.
The red X button will delete the selected category and remove all products that belong to it.

5.  Move Category Up / Down
Clicking the up arrow will move the selected category one spot higher on the list. Clicking the down arrow will lower it by one spot. Category order does not affect how products are used or calculated. It is simply a way to keep the Product List organized.

6.  Select All
Check all boxes in the category list.

7.  Default
Return category list to its default configuration.

 Note: This function will remove any categories that are not part of Measure's default configuration.

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