Recalculation Modes for Roll Products

Set the software to only recalculate cuts when prompted by the user.


By default, Measure calculates cuts for roll products the first time Layout Mode is accessed. Then, each time a room's geometry or seam layout is changed, it automatically recalculates them so that the rolls shown in the Estimate panel are always accurate.

In situations where many layout adjustments need to be made in rapid succession, automatic recalculation can take up much time. By enabling manual recalculation, the user is given more control over when and how often recalculation takes place.



How To:

  1. Click the Recalculation_Mode_Button.png button under the "Roll" section of the Ribbon Bar's "Estimate" tab.
  2. Select a type of Manual Recalculation. When the cut diagram in the Estimate panel is no longer accurate due to changes to the room/seam layout, the cut diagram will be hidden.
  3. Click the "Recalculate Now" button to recalculate cuts and display the cut diagram again.

Recalculation Modes

Recalculation_Mode_Button.png  Recalculate Automatically
This is the default recalculation mode. Any changes to the seam layout in the drawing area will prompt immediate recalculation of the roll(s).

Recalculate_Automatically_Except_T-Seams.png  Recalculate Automatically, Except for New Seams
Automatic recalculation will occur like normal with two exceptions: New t-seams and new angled seams. These will be applied to the selected cut in its current location on the roll, but recalculation will not occur.

Recalculate_Manually.png  Recalculate Manually
No automatic recalculation will take place. The Estimate panel will only be updated when the "Recalculate Now" button is pressed.


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