Compress Cuts

Squeeze cuts together vertically or horizontally.


Eliminate waste between cuts by squeezing them together. If the material has been assigned a cut gap in the Product List, it will be maintained during the compression.

Note: The "Show cut groups" option must be enabled in order to use this feature. This option is located in the Display section of the Measure Options window.

How To:

1.  Select at least one cut group in the Estimate panel. This can be done by dragging a selection box around the groups or by left-clicking one of the white cut group brackets. Hold down the Ctrl button while clicking a bracket to select or deselect it.

Tip: If only one cut group needs to be compressed, right-click its bracket and choose the compression method from the menu that appears.


2.  Click the "Compress" button under the Ribbon Bar's "Estimate" tab and select a compression method.

Compression Methods

Compress_Vertical.png Compress Vertical
Cuts will be compressed toward the beginning of the roll.


Compress_Vertical_Optimize_Seams.png Compress Vertical (Optimize Seams)
Cuts will be compressed toward the beginning of the roll and any unnecessary t-seams will be eliminated. After this function has been completed, a message will indicate if any seams were removed.


Compress_Horizontal.png Compress Horizontal
Cuts will be compressed toward one side of the roll.



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