Allocating Slab Products

Allocate individual pieces onto slabs by dragging them into place.


Unlike roll goods, Measure does not automatically allocate and arrange slab pieces. All slab-based products must be manually placed on slabs in Layout mode before the Worksheet can be accessed.

Available slabs are represented in the Estimate window as white squares. The colored pieces are individual cuts that must be placed on a slab by dragging and dropping them into place. A piece shaded in green is fully within the bounds of a slab and thus properly allocated. Any pieces shaded in red are not allocated due to overlapping another piece or because they are not completely seated on a slab.


Note: Attempting to access the worksheet before slab allocation is complete will result in an error.

Slab Tools

The tools described below are available in Layout mode under the Ribbon Bar's "Estimate" tab.

When a piece of material is too large to fit on a slab, it must be divided. Begin by selecting the piece on the drawing or in the Estimate window. Next, click the "Divide" button and a red dot will appear on one side of the piece along with guide measurements. Left-click to place the start point of the division, then move the cursor to the end point and click a second time.

Merge two adjoining cuts by selecting them both and clicking the "Merge" button. Both cuts must be in the same room.

Add a new slab to the Estimate window.

Open the "Manage Slabs" window.

The "Manage Slabs" Window


Each slab can optionally be assigned a name in this field. Slab names only appear on the printed "Slab Cuts" report.

Editable text field displaying each slab's width.

Editable text field displaying each slab's length.

Total Area
Display-only field indicating the total area of each slab.

Used Area
Display-only field indicating how much of each slab has material allocated to it.

Add a new slab to the project.

Delete the currently selected slab. If the deleted slab had cuts assigned to it, they will have to be manually reallocated.

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