Moving Cuts on the Roll Plan in Measure Desktop

Moving cuts, also known as allocation, is done through the Explorer window while the Seams tab is active.

Measure will automatically allocate roll products and generate a preliminary seam and cut plan. The current cut layout is displayed in the Estimate view of the Explorer window. These cuts can be manually rearranged.

How To:

1.  Make sure the Estimate window is displaying the product you want to work with.

  Tip: Switch products by selecting a room containing the product or using drop-down box at the top of the Estimate window and choosing the product from there.


2.  Left-click and drag a cut to another location on the roll or onto another roll.

  Tip: Existing cuts will be bumped out of the way to accommodate manually positioned cuts.


  Note: If any cuts extend beyond the end of a roll, a red line marking the end will appear. Attempting to access the Worksheet in this state will trigger an error via the Project Checkup feature.


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